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Pet Policy

Only domestic dogs and cats are admitted as pets to accompany the passenger.

Other species must be documented and may be classified as excess baggage.

The transportation of species of fauna on the list with risk category or illegal trade according to NOM-059-SEMARNAT and that are not admitted as pets is not accepted. Such as Parakeets, Toucans, Macaws, Monkeys and Iguanas.

All pets must travel with their own carrier or container, with the exception of service animals (SVAN), which must wear a muzzle to enter.

Service Animals (SVAN) are considered to be guide dogs for people with disabilities. Only dogs are considered (SVAN); You must present the official documentation that supports it as SVAN.

Service Animals (SVAN) may travel with the passenger in the designated area of the vessel, they must wear their muzzle at all times.

Only dogs and cats of small, miniature and cat breeds can travel with the passenger, inside their carrier, container or bag, in any area of he vessel; The container or carrier must always be on the legs, horizontally and facing the passenger.

Pets for no reason may be outside their carrier or placed in the aisles or seats intended for customers, even if they are empty.

Food or liquids are not allowed to be given to the pet on board the vessel.

If necessary, cleaning on board due to pets will be the responsibility of the passenger.

Carrier Requirements

  • Made of rigid or flexible plastic and/or bag type.
  • Interior base which must be made of absorbent material in one piece.
  • Adequate ventilation.
  • Enough space for the dog or cat to turn and lie down naturally.
  • Only one dog or cat is allowed per carrier.
  • The maximum weight allowed for pets is 9 kg including the weight of the carrier or container.
  • The maximum dimensions are 20 cm high x 40 cm wide x 30 cm long.
  • Cardboard boxes are not considered as carriers.

Pets that do not meet the requirements to travel with you will be accepted as documented pets in their carrier, subject to service availability.

Medium, large, and giant dog breeds traveling in their carrier will require your pet to be documented. You must present yourself at our ticket counter notifying that you’re traveling with a large breed dog 30 minutes prior to the selected crossing time.

The maximum limit for medium, large, or giant dog breeds is two pets per route.

Dogs of any size without a carrier or crate must present themselves at the ticket counter 30 minutes before the chosen time to notify that you are traveling with a pet. They must be muzzled at all times, except for small flat-nosed breeds.

 They will travel alongside the passenger only in the designated area on the outer deck of the vessel, subject to space availability.

Females with nursing offspring will not be accepted.

The pet, service animal (SVAN), or emotional support animal (ESAN) travels at the customer’s expense and full responsibility.

The pet must travel on the same crossing as its owner.

Only one pet, service animal (SVAN), or emotional support animal (ESAN) is allowed per passenger.

Life vests or life rafts will not be provided to a pet in case of emergency.

If a customer seated near the person traveling with the pet expresses allergies or any discomfort due to the pet’s proximity, we reserve the right to relocate the pet with its owner to another area of the ship.

Your ticket includes one pet per passenger, including both emotional support animals (ESAN) and service animals (SVAN). For example, a customer cannot transport 1 service animal + 1 pet on deck or 1 emotional support animal + 1 pet on deck, or 1 emotional support animal + 1 service animal.

If you wish to transport more than 1 pet, you must document it in its carrier, pay the excess baggage fee, and subject to service availability.

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